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Q & A Required for Joining High School Reunion Online Social Group

29 August 2019

What are you doing?
Wincing at the stress injury I have developed using this laptop and practically reliving all those painful high school memories.

Have you changed your name?
Yes, to J. K Rowling. Perhaps you are familiar with my work?

Share something about you
Everyone in my family has been to the emergency room at the local hospital so often that our next visit is free. I am not joking.

What is new?
After recently reviewing the results of our 8th grade science class Sludge Test, my lab partner Kara and I found trace amounts of pedophilium, thus accounting for the proclivities, and subsequent jail terms, of a shocking number of our Junior High faculty, including our 8th grade science teacher.
Sludge Test Results = not true
Shocking number (2) of Jr. High Faculty jailed for sex crimes involving minors, including 8th grade science teacher = true

What is the most memorable experience you had in high school?
Can’t name just one:
• During Dance Day, watching my sister Donna begin her dance by entering the stage in mid leap and then giving one of her best performances ever.
• Hearing my neighbor Chuck, who I had lost touch with, even though he lived only half a block away, beautifully sing “Some Enchanted Evening”.
• Dave B. reading a racy poem by the ancient roman Catullus aloud in the smoking section in Latin and English and getting a huge round of applause.  All these decades later, Dave remains a delight.
• Fourth year Latin where 12 of the 21 students were named David.
• Feeling utterly hopeless the day they announced Brad D.’s suicide.
• Talking with Sarah, Wendy, and Julie during homeroom.
• The intense crushes I had on a number of boys.
• Enjoying the magnificent variety of stunning architecture on my mile+ walk to and from New Trier.
• Walking down a deserted hall between classes and seeing Ernie Banks walking down the hall toward me. Couldn’t believe my eyes. It was one of the great thrills of my life.

The Best Thing That Happened to Me in High School:
Being best friends with Kara and laughing and laughing and laughing.